Sarah Bahbah, the Palestinian, Australian-raised artist crystallises the universal but rarely captured experience of oversaturated, intense feelings and imperfect relationships. Her protagonists give voice to the vast spectrum of emotion, spanning the desire for inner peace, true love, fear of commitment, playful ambivalence towards life and the paradox of wanting intimacy but craving isolation.

Known for her explicit exploration into the intimate psyche of millennial women, Bahbah empowers her audience to embrace indulgence and self-love in all its forms. Smashing the stereotype of female emotion being a hindrance, her storytelling harnesses the power of breaking taboo and celebrates the liberation of transparency and desire. And through her LA-based content creation agency Possy, the likes of Gucci, Condé Nast, Capitol Records, Sony Music, and even GQ have joined her movement.

Bahbah uses her voice and art to educate her cult-like following on the importance of breaking taboos around Child Sexual Abuse through cinematic storytelling.  In June 2018, Bahbah spoke with Teen Vogue,  Elle US and Vice on being a survivor of CSA, after publicly reading a poem addressed to the predators of her experiences. Since Bahbah continues to speak out about these taboos, and has donated art to the Dallas Child Abuse Charity. 

Currently hosting self funded solo exhibitions internationally with tens of thousands in attendance, and previously displayed in major art exhibitions around the world with celebrity admirers including Emma Watson, Katy Perry, Diplo and the likes; her practice has been celebrated globally.   

With such a powerfully liberating message reaching a modern generation with her ever-increasing scale and influence, 27-year-old Sarah has taken on this endeavor with a passion rarely seen by someone of her age. It’s no wonder major brands and artists are lining up to collaborate with her.